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Hola Amigos inicial 
In-person Spanish A1.1 Course for Adult Learners

Embark on a transformative language journey with "Hola Amigos Inicial," a comprehensive 9-week course designed specifically for complete beginners. Experience the richness of the Spanish language in an intimate setting with a maximum of just 5 students. The course offers 36 hours of interactive class sessions and an additional 6 hours of immersive conversational practice with our exclusive Spanish Conversation Fun Club

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Course overview

Level: Spanish A1.1 (Complete beginners)



  • Monday & Friday  6:00 - 8:00 pm

Duration: 9 Weeks

36 Hours of Class (total of 18 Sessions) + 6 Hours of Conversational Practice

Format: In-Person, Small Group (Max 5 Students)

What You'll Learn

  • Basic grammar rules and sentence construction.

  • Everyday vocabulary for common scenarios.

  • Basic conversational skills.

  • Cultural nuances to help you blend in like a local.

Your Instructors

Our instructors are certified language teachers with years of experience teaching Spanish to beginners. Their personalized teaching styles make learning easy, fun, and interactive.


Registration: $50 (new students)

Tuition: $750

The course fee covers all class sessions, Conversation Fun Club membership, and course materials. Books and/or Ebooks not included.

Course Highlights

Complete Beginners Welcome: This course is tailored for absolute beginners with no prior knowledge of Spanish, providing a solid foundation for language learning.

Small Group Setting: Benefit from personalized attention and maximum interaction in small groups, limited to a maximum of 5 students, ensuring a supportive and engaging learning environment.

Native Spanish Teachers: Our instructors are native Spanish speakers, specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, ensuring an authentic learning experience.

Interactive Learning: Classes are not just lectures; they are dynamic training sessions filled with fun, conversation practice, games, and real-life activities.

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