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Spanish Little Explorers
 Ignite Bilingual Passions Early On with this Online Course! 

Embark on a linguistic journey with Spanish Little Explorers!

In our vibrant 7-week modules, kids uncover the joys of Spanish through tales, tunes, and hands-on activities. They will dive into 45-minute online sessions packed with discovery and while the parents will stay connected with insightful monthly progress reports. Ready to watch your child's horizons expand? Join the exploration today!

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Course overview

Level: Spanish for Beginner

Age Group: 7 - 10 years

Delivery Mode: Online

Session Details:

Duration: 45 minutes
Frequency: Twice a week
Course Duration: 35 weeks, divided into 5 modules of 7 weeks each.


Course Highlights

Interactive Learning: Blend of role-playing, storytelling, singing, and craft-making.
Cultural Immersion: Dive into Hispanic games, festivals, and stories for a holistic experience.
Structured Curriculum: Progressive modules introducing everything from basics to intricate language facets.
Expert Instructors: Learn from native Spanish speakers, each a certified educator with years of experience teaching children.


Registration: $40 (new enrollments)

Tuition per Module: $280

The module fee covers all its class sessions, and course online materials. Books and/or Ebooks suggested are not included.

Enroll your Children and Join the Adventure!!

Give your child the gift of bilingualism and watch as they light up with the joy of learning, discovery, and cultural appreciation.

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