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Hybrid Spanish Course for Teen Learners

Welcome to Espan-YOLO, where learning Spanish becomes an unforgettable adventure!

🌐 Tailored for vibrant minds aged 11-15, this 7-week course is more than a language program—it’s your passport to the diverse and dynamic world of Spanish-speaking cultures!

🌺 Dive into authentic experiences, explore innovative online resources from a top Spanish Education Publisher, and embark on creative projects, all while receiving the support and insights to flourish linguistically, culturally, and socioemotionally.

🚀 With Espan-YOLO, discover Spanish in its richest, most colorful form, and remember, in this journey of exploration and learning, You Only Live Once! 🌟

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Course overview

Level: Spanish for Beginners

Age Group: 11 - 15 years

Learning Approach:

Blended Learning - 90-minute in-person sessions and 30-minute online sessions

Frequency: Weekly

Course Duration: 5 modules per level

Module duration: Seven weeks


Course Highlights

Authentic Explorations: Engage with Hispanic teenagers characters, immersing yourself in their customs, traditions, and everyday lives.

Innovative Learning Platform: Harness the power of a renowned Spanish Education Publisher House, granting you access to the latest, most dynamic learning materials.

Cultural Depth: Dive into the rich cultural tapestry of the Hispanic world with varied resources, including book extracts and articles.

Interactive Assignments: Experience homework like never before—interactive, engaging, and deeply rooted in real-world Spanish scenarios.

Parental Connect: Monthly progress reports ensure parents remain closely connected to their child’s academic and cultural journey.

Study Empowerment: Equip yourself with tried-and-tested study strategies, fostering self-reliance and enhancing learning efficiency.


Registration: $40 (new enrollments)

Tuition per Module: $350

The module fee covers all its class sessions, and course materials.

Books and/or Ebooks suggested are not included.

Enroll in Espan-YOLO – Where Language Meets Adventure!

Embrace the essence of the Spanish-speaking world with "Espan-YOLO." It's not just about grammar and vocabulary—it's a voyage into diverse cultures, an embrace of global perspectives, and a treasure trove of memories waiting to be made. Remember, with Espan-YOLO, You Only Learn Once—so let's make every lesson count!

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